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Noodle Muffin: Free MP3

Noodle Muffin's strongly believes in file-sharing, so here are some FREE Noodle Muffin MP3s.
Please feel free to burn CD-Rs and share them with your friends.  Screw the RIAA and the Record Industry:

Regime Change (2004) Download the ENTIRE CD and ARTWORK for FREE. 

Magnum Dopus (2002):  Available at Amazon.Com  or

1.  The Money Shot: 
Rated NC-17.  F'ing hilarious take on booty calls.
2.  The Old Crone
Who wants to stick around when everything changes?
3.  Wilford Brimley Smoked My Fatty
As heard on High Time's Website!
4.  Asslicker
The ultimate Yes-man song!
5.  747
Another NC-17 tune.  Sometimes bigger isn't better.

Teaspoons of Sin (1999):  Available at  

1.  Ape Intelligence
Religion is the opiate of the Asses.
2.  Supergirl Mary
Our pop single. Check out the SGM Video on!
3.  Withered Hand
One of our most popular and cryptic songs.
4.  Big ManWhat goes up, must come down ... including people.
5.  Lesbian Love Chicks
The infamous, Kramer-produced classic!

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