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(AKA HumanRoadKill.Com)

Anyone who has traveled America's vast interstate highway system has almost certainly seen them:  the ominous White Crosses peppering the desolate roadways.  As a touring musician from the band Noodle Muffin, I have encountered many of these road memorials during long treks through the Western U.S. badlands.  So damn many that it has become a morbid obsession for me.  I see white crosses everywhere now ... Lurking around bends, hiding among the desert shrubs, and decorating empty stretches of road.  Each monument evokes many unanswered questions:  How did these accidents happen?  Who were the victims?  Why do their families and friends decorate and maintain these crosses?  Alas, these lonesome tributes poses an intriguing mystery that no one seems to be addressing.  So, armed with a digital camera, I've decided to document the White Crosses I encounter.  On this website, you can virtually explore dozens of road memorials.  I've put as much information as I can deduce from the monuments, along with half-crocked analyses of what probably happened.  There is even one case where the riddle has been solved, thanks to an Internet search.  So, pull up a chair, grab a brew, and prepare to journey down the tragic highways of America.  Oh, and for a soundtrack to your morbid journey, be sure to download some cool, free MP3's from my band Noodle Muffin's website.  Enjoy!

- Major Noize, Noodle Muffin 

UPDATE 3/11/2007:  Well, I've finally gotten off my lazy ass and added a few more white crosses to this website.  This time, you'll discover a couple of cool ones from the ever deadly Hwy 395, a monument just outside Vegas, and an update to one of my favorite "white crosses", Ned's Star of David.  Special thanks to those visitors who wrote questioning whether I'd become a white cross myself! 
Cheers, Major Noize, Noodle Muffin

NEW:  Major Noize's Analysis of the White Crosses Phenomenon

The Site of Sam Kinison's  Death
*NEW SUBMISSION from Screamin' Sam*

Spring Broken in Florida

He's Still There
Updated & SOLVED!

Jesus De Milo  

All I Want for Xmas is My Dead Mommy

Those Who Don't 
Learn from History...

Beer &
Telephone Poles Don't Mix

The Taj Majal of White Crosses
Updated & SOLVED!

Crapped Out in Vegas

Christians Aren't the Only Bad Drivers

#1 Dad

The Shoe Dropped

Insult To Injury

The Shrine in Torrance

Very Well Loved

Happy Birthday, Trish

No Resurrection for this Jesus

That's All, Folks!!

Dropped the Ball  

The Friends: Road Trip to Oblivion

His Friends Took Woodshop

None Shall Pass


Size Isn't Everything

One for the Road 

Disneyland O' Death

The Few, The Proud, The Deceased
Asleep at The Wheel

Great Scott, I'm Dead! 

Happy Independence Day

A Touch of Class

Gone Diggin'

Easy Rider

Grampa's Favorite

Beauty and Deceased

Man or Beast?

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SUBMISSIONS:  Are you a sick bastard who cruises the lonely highways of America?  Do you have any information on these accidents?  If so, send us your digital pixs with info and commentary, and we'll put them up!  E-mail us at And if you want to join the legends of people who have sent us Hate Mail over the years, please try to be creative and original.  A simple "Fuck you" just doesn't do it anymore...

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