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He's Still There

Golf Anyone?

Introduction:                 This is my FAVORITE roadside memorial!!   Not only has the mystery been solved (thanks to a visitor to my website), but this is the first white cross I found that is actually HAUNTED!!  You may think I'm nuts, but I'm absolutely serious, and I have the pictures to prove it!
I am an avid listener of Coast-to-Coast-AM with George Noory, and that remarkable show has taught me what to look for in situations like these.  With regards to ghost photography, one of the most common spirit manifestations is orbs
Spirit orbs in photos show the presence of a disembodied human spirit in its natural (low energy) state.  In my pictures, the orbs are definitely are not raindrops, dust, insects, or flash reflections.   It was not rainy or windy, and there were no flying insects in the area.  Anyway, if you think the orbs are weird, wait to you see the "ghost face" photo I took a week later!

:  A friend of Chris Embrey sent me an e-mail detailing Chris' demise (See below).  Not to sound callous, but Embrey's passing is worthy of a Darwin Award!

                        Oak Hill Rd. Eastbound, 2 miles west of Mojave 
Location:                  Mojave, CA

      Chris Embrey
Date of Accident:   

Inscription:              Chris Embrey    In Loving Memory"

Age:                                 Early 20's

Accident Details:    In celebration of the start of his professional golf career, Chris Embrey and his buddies went out drinking in the desert.  On the way back, a very drunk Chris decided he was gonna crawl from the cab of pickup to the back of the pickup while it was moving.  Beer, horseplay, and a moving vehicle ... it was the perfect recipe for tragedy.   Chris Embrey slipped and fell from the pickup.  He might have survived the fall, but unfortunately, he was then run over by a truck that was behind them.  Just like that, Chris' promising golf career came to an end.  What a waste ...

Description:            This medium-sized, natural wooden cross lies in the foreground of the Mojave Windparks, and is perhaps the most fascinating White Cross I've ever seen!!!.   The victim's memorial is written in fancy metal lettering, complete with a "4".  That and the golf ball attached to the top of the cross are a fitting tribute to Chris, who was an (almost) professional golfer.  The cross is firmly cemented into a large, half-buried pot.  Rocks and fake flowers surround the base.  A rosary cross is entwined around the cross.  The most intriguing feature of this White Cross is the fact that the victim is still hanging around!  Don't believe me?  Check out the pix!


 Analysis:                 I ran into this cross late one October evening after taking a short cut back to L.A.  The cross caught me by surprise, and despite the unfavorable lighting conditions, I decided to pull over and take some photos.  When I got home, I was shocked to see that the pictures were filled with orbs.  It seems Chris Embrey, shocked from his sudden death, is still there on the side of Oak Hill Road.  Though I couldn't see anything at the time, his lingering spirit showed up on my digital photos.  Intrigued by this shocking development, I was determined to return and investigate this further.  A week later, I went back, this time during daylight.  Apparently, it is a lot harder for ghosts to manifest themselves during the day, possibly due to electro-magnetic interference (i.e. the Sun).  Despite that fact, I figured I try to get some photos anyway.  When I arrived, I took a few preliminary close ups of the cross.  On a whim, I asked the ghost if he would appear in my photo and concentrate on showing his face.  I snapped the shot, thanked the spirit, and went on my merry way.  I expected to be disappointed, but as you'll see, something bizarre showed up.  In that photo, you can see what looks like a face just to the right of the cross.   The face looks a bit like Charles Manson, if you ask me.  A small orb accompanies the face.  As disturbing as it sounds, Chris Embrey is still on the side of the road, trying to figure out what the hell is going on.  They say that some people who die suddenly don't know they are dead.  I think this is the case with Chris.  Given the details of his drunken death, he probably never knew what hit him.  Time is supposedly different on the other side, so for Chris, it may seem like only a few minutes have passed since his accident.  Very sad.  I just hope someday he comes to his senses and moves on... 


E-mail from Chris Embrey's Friend (Unedited):       

Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2006 4:17 PM

Subject: update chris embrey

i grew up in mojave with chris we were really good freinds and he ment the world to me. chris was only 5 7 abut he had the spirit of a 8 foot giant... he was a very talented athlete and was always trying to show off.. yes he was a golfer and the mourning of his death he had just finished what he need to start a professianol golf career. that night...ive blacked out the date im sorry but it was about 9 years ago.. he and a group of frenz went out drinking in the desert like we always did....i having left mojave to kick a drug habit would have normally been right along with them unfortunatly was not there... but on the way back chris decided he was gonna crawl from the cab of a pickup to the back of the pickup while it was moving and he fell... i have never spoken to anyone that was with him that night.. but i belive he was also ran over by the truck that was behind them... knowing chris as well as i did i can belive he would still be out there.... he was never one for giving up that easy.... now i dont belive in ghosts but if he is out there he may never leave...thank you for your pics i havent been out there in a long time....... r.i.p. my freind 4


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